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The Mortgage Lead Vault generates quality mortgage leads for you. Homeowners and consumers visit our web portals and complete loan applications online 24 hours a day. Get cheap mortgage leads to jump-start your business.
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Our mortgage lead specialists are standing by to help set up a mortgage marketing package tailored with mortgage loan leads to your needs. Get signed up to receive real-time FHA and HARP leads. Choose from exclusive mortgage lead packages in California, Colorado, Florida, Maryland and North Carolina.

Find out what filters are available for your leads. Filters allow you to set criteria for the mortgage leads you receive. Need Live Operators 24/7? Ask your representative about integrating outbound dialing and inbound customer service to maximize mortgage leads.

The Mortgage Lead Vault offers live transfer leads and web-based hosted CRM. MLV has partnered with the leading web-based CRM provider that also offers integrated outbound dialers according to David Elkington, CEO of Inside Sales, as well as being known as the leading provider of on-demand Lead Response Management solutions.

According to the Lead Planet "with Internet Mortgage Leads, the speed of lead delivery is essential to maximize your call to funding ratio."

Buying Mortgage Leads Online

Don't waste your time or your money buying non-targeted mortgage leads. Make sure the leads you are buying are quality leads. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people buying and selling data online. Unless you work with a direct lead generator, the chances of getting exclusive hot leads are slim.
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Borrowers across the country seek assistance restructuring their mortgage. According to the Loan Modification Outlet over 40% of people who bought homes in 2011 are under-water with their mortgage.

Get approved to view mortgage leads for sale in 50 states!


The Mortgage Lead Vault is a marketing company that offers cheap mortgage leads in 50 states online for HARP, FHA, refinance, loan modification, debt settlement, home purchase loan and foreclosure. With increased daily inventories, now is a great time to buy leads and choose from real-time internet, live transfer and telemarketing delivery lead options.

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The Mortgage Lead Vault was established as an online mortgage lead generation company, online leads marketplace where mortgage brokers and lenders can fulfill requests online from consumers for home loans easily and quickly. The demand for HARP leads and internet mortgage leads continues to rise, but we have increased mortgage lead generation production to meet demands.

Our lead company was established with a mission to provide lenders, bankers and brokers better qualified home mortgage, loan modification and debt settlement leads. We believe the quicker the mortgage professional is connected with the applicant the more likely they are to originate new business. Mortgage Lead Vault brings nearly twelve years of experience generating mortgage leads online. Our purchase lead program offers quality home buying leads to hungry loan officers. For loan shops that are still focused on refinancing, we provide refinance lead programs that can support even the largest companies.

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For custom lead generation campaigns, we have partnered with the Lead Planet who offers proven mortgage marketing strategies for lenders, brokers and start up mortgage companies.

Recent Home Financing News

Direct Lead Generator Versus Lead Broker

Mortgage lead quality is critical. A non-exclusive lead sold 20 times will only hinder the morale of your loan officers. Make sure you purchase mortgage leads from a direct lead source like the Lead Planet, Lending Tree or Mortgage Lead Vault. Not all leads are created equal, which is why it's best to buy leads from a direct lead generator rather than a lead broker. According to lead generation specialist, Bryan Dornan, "When you buy leads from a direct source you are getting the first shot with a prospect so you can truly make a good first impression." Dornan continued, "When buying leads from a lead broker, the prospect may have been solicited twenty times and at the time your first impression is a moot point."
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FHA Mortgage Leads Are Driving Funding! The government continues to expand FHA loan programs in hopes they can put an end to this foreclosure crisis. FHA mortgage refinancing activity continues to rise as the conventional home loan market has been hit hard by the credit crunch and the fall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Ask your account executive about incorporating FHA mortgage leads into your marketing plan. Consider both purchase and FHA Streamline Leads. Are you looking to get rid of bad credit mortgage leads? Try MLV now and get more info with no obligation.

Tips for Buying Internet Mortgage Leads

Find out what the lead company’s return policy is for bad leads. No batch of leads is completely accurate, but you don’t want any more than a 10-15% bad lead percentage. Be sure to find out what constitutes a bad lead, as well. Make sure that you buy leads that match your lending niches. For example, If you offer VA loans then buy VA Leads. If you offer manufactured home financing, then purchase Mobile Home Loan Leads.

Find out where the leads come from. Most mortgage lead companies use different methods for obtaining their leads. Some of the more common ways include: e-mail campaigns, advertisements search engines, directing potential customers to web sites that they own, and purchasing leads in bulk from other companies.

The best leads are usually exclusive mortgage leads from a direct lead generator, meaning you are the only person the lead was sold to. Exclusive mortgage leads are more expensive but you are ensured that you are the only person receiving the lead. When you buy leads from lead brokers, you may end up getting a lead where the prospect has already been solicited several times, which isn't a good way to make a first impression. The more mortgage brokers that receive the same lead the less chance you have of closing the sale.

Some mortgage lead filters could include: 1st time home buyers, FHA secure, HARP, FHA streamline, homeowners looking to refinance their ARM, purchase leads for foreclosed homes, loan modification leads for homeowners who need assistance with foreclosure prevention. Get Started with California Mortgage Leads.

We Provide Mortgage Leads in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming    

Mortgage Lead Buyers Beware

Every day more and more mortgage shoppers utilize the Internet to study and purchase home mortgages.

There is a great supply of mortgage leads today, millions of consumers looking to buy or refinance a home but there is only 20% the number of mortgage brokers left in business after the sub-prime melt-down.
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